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Meeting the Doctors:
  • Always schedule an appointment - via phone or inperson - to meet with the doctors

  • The treatment methodology at the Clinic is same across Doctors

  • Your doctor will be able to access details of prior visits / medical records at the clinic and hence one need not worry about continuity of care

  • Doctor Consultation times varies and depends on a lot of factors. For example: depending on patient history, discussion with the Doctor may take longer; multiple members of a family may be consulting; Doctors may be required to go in for medical procedures; or Doctors may take breaks.

Follow-up Consultations:
  • After your initial consultation, always schedule your next appointment before leaving

  • If you require immediate follow-up consultations, you may call up the front desk and request their assistance with the same

  • If you are unable to come in for the follow-up consultations, kindly call in advance and cancel the appointment. This will help other patients immensely, as cancellations open up the time slots for them

  • If the Doctor(s) have asked you to take medicial test(s) and you have completed the same - it is important that you let the front desk know about the reason for your visit

Things to Remember


  • If you want to perform procedures such as, removal of moles, warts, tags, freckles, etc you need not take tokens or appointments. Please call the front desk and they will try their best to schedule it the same day

  • For all appointments, call and confirm the details before reaching the clinic

  • The treatment methodology adopted at our clinic is the same across doctors

  • We do not provide online consultation 

  • Walk-in consultations are available, based on availability of Doctors

  • Consultation Fee is valid for 30 days

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